Prayer and worship

Fairtrade Covenant Service  A special service from Traidcraft to be used to celebrate the commitment a church makes to Fairtrade

Harvesting the World   A liturgy used at our Fairtrade conference in January 2010, celebrating the gifts of the earth and its people.  An excellent resource for reflection on the inter-dependant nature of our contemporary world, raising awareness of the implications of our lifestyles and the demands for justice.  £4.50 from Wild Goose Resource Group

Fairtrade Fortnight Ideas for Worship  Designed for 2009, and focussing on the development of fairtrade markets within India, with case studies, sermon links, prayers and plenty of ideas for events, including activities for young people.  Download from Traidcraft

Worship ideas and activities Based on a blueberry project in Chile, with ideas for worship, sermons, a children's talk, prayers, children's activities and a guide for further action.  From Traidcraft

More worship ideas from Traidcraft  This time based on tea, with lots more producer stories, prayers, children's activities

The Sanctuary Centre A website with lots of ideas for worship, prayer, action

Harvest for the World    Worship anthology compiled by Geoffrey Duncan.  Celebrate the goodness of creation and be challenged to work for a fairer distribution of the gifts of the earth.  Published by Christian Aid/CAFOD and available from Church House bookshop   £12.99  

Pocket Prayers for Peace and Justice  Prayers from different cultures and traditions to inspire our praying.  From Christian Aid   £5.99 

Ideas for worship from the Fairtrade Foundation   Download

Prayers, Poems and Reflections   Download from Traidcraft  

365 Ways to Make a Difference    Peter Graystone  Daily Bible readings from Christian Aid, to help the reader to relate their personal faith to what is happening in the world.  From Amazon £9.89

Praying for change   A downloadable short sketch about Fairtrade in church, suitable for everyone


Human justice, it might be said, is at best a bridle on evil; God’s justice is the flowering of the good.
That is why God’s justice must transcend legal justice.

“I tell you, if your justice goes no deeper than that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will never get into the kingdom of heaven” Matt 5: 20

God’s justice is done when arbitration is transformed by reconciliation; when   people become more than objects of desire, manipulation and profit;    when poverty is confronted by asking, not how much the poor require, but    how much the rich need; when the goods of the earth are looked upon, not as sources of private profit, but as sacraments of divine and human inter-communication. As and when such things occur, then God’s justice is done, and there the kingdom of God becomes manifest. For the justice of God is the kingdom of God.

Mark Searle: Serving the Lord with Justice


‘The fields of the poor may produce abundant food, but injustice sweeps it all away ....' Proverbs 13:23