Welcome to the Fairtrade Diocese of London

Fairtrade means that people in the developing world who grow
or make what we buy get a fair price and fair working conditions
The Fairtrade Mark guarantees that this happens

In November 2006 Synod agreed the London Challenge 2007-2012, including a specific commitment to work for Fairtrade Diocese status for London

We invite all the churches in London to play their part by becoming a Fairtrade Church helping to overcome poverty in the world, challenging injustice and relearning the difficult language of speaking truth to power

To achieve Fair Trade status the diocese had to meet these criteria.


We are officially a Fairtrade Diocese!
We celebrated in St Paul's Cathedral
on Friday 9th and Sunday 11th March 2012
details here


Our next Fairtrade conference

"Faith and Fairtrade"
Saturday 26th January 2013

St Mary le Bow church Cheapside (near St Paul's cathedral)

Further information soon

Hear the Bishop of London explain the Diocesan Campaign at our conference in 2009


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‘The fields of the poor may produce abundant food, but injustice sweeps it all away ....' Proverbs 13:23